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Pre-Purchase Car Inspections

Don't buy a used car without first doing some checks! Not only will the price be too high, but there could also be hidden problems that show themselves once you've purchased it and saved yourself from spending more money down the line. A pre-purchase inspection by one our mobile mechanics can save both time (thereby saving yourself an initial cost) as well as ensure no major issues await inside your new wheels or jeep liberty

For less than what most people spend on coffee in their lifetime; this small investment should already have covered everything necessary to make sure all's well before taking possession of any vehicle

Why hire our expert mechanics to inspect before purchasing a used car?

• We offer a professional and comprehensive aadvice onthe condition of the car

• Give you an idea about what might happen if they buy the vehicle without getting it checked

• Inform people that there is always something suspicious with used cars that need to be inspected before purchase.

• You can save time, money and stress once they hire one for inspection


With even a little fore-thought, you can uncover important information about potential purchases. For example: if the mechanic's report is free from any major concerns and none of your questions were answered in this document; then purchasing could be an easy decision with confidence because there won’t likely be anything left to find out after purchase (though sometimes people make mistakes). However - when problems ARE found during inspection or afterward through use which may lead them away at lower price points than expected due diligence was done beforehand such as negotiating down prices before buying used cars

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However, some used car dealers might not even allow the inspection to happen. This is definitely a red flag because you've got nothing to lose if they won't let you. Just walk away and find another dealer instead of wasting your time and money.

Highly Recommended Pre-Purchase Inspection

A pre-purchase inspection is as simple as hiring one of our mobile mechanics to drive out to your location and provide a professional diagnosis on the potential condition of a used car. We have the right staff, the right equipment and the right skills to quickly assess whether a car is in good working order or whether it may require further repairs before purchase.

There is no such thing as a 100% complete inspection; but at least you'll know

Test Drive

This is the best time to start your test drive because you can see whether anything comes up or not. Once done, take note of the way it drives and how it performs. Don't forget to check the AC, brakes and other systems that may be hidden from view during inspection.

Major Problems

However, if something major does come up; then you may want to reconsider or prepare yourself for dealing with after-purchase costs. Followings including transmissions must be checked..

Frame or Chassis damage:

A frame is what supports your vehicle and keeps it in one piece. It harmoniously melds all the parts from the suspension, support beam and chassis together to form a solid team. If there's a problem in any of these areas; then the frame itself may be compromised which will result in some serious trouble - if not imminently dangerous!

Repair work:

If you see new parts that shouldn't be on your vehicle then this is a sign that the car may have been in an accident and was repaired. The problem with this is that your insurance cannot be used for a vehicle which has been repaired before so if you happen to total it, you won't get a replacement.


Cigarette smoke can do more than just ruin upholstery and leave a lingering odor. It can cause a variety of problems with a car including corrosion, true electrical problems and even affect how the engine works.


You might think it's weird to include flood-damaged cars or vehicles in this article; but it's actually a big problem. Flood-damaged cars are typically dumped on used car lots by insurance companies who can't resell them for much because they're considered either a total loss or a salvage vehicle.

Bodywork – One of our technicians will assess the condition of any visible bodywork such as panels, chassis, and underside. If we spot corrosion in any vulnerable areas then it might be indicative of a rust problem.

-problems with the bodywork.

Electrical System– We'll scrupulously check your vehicle's electrical system for any signs of irregularities. We use diagnostic tools to check all electronic systems including lights, instruments and safety equipment. In addition, we'll inspect the battery condition.

-electrical system problems.

Engine– This part of the inspection is crucial because this will reveal any existing issues that have been masked by a car's presentation, presentation and history report.. The engine bay needs to be fully exposed so we can ensure there are no loose or missing components. Once done our technicians use various diagnostic tools to make sure all systems and components remain in good working order and check for excessive oil leaks and corrosion.

What Is Covered

This is not an exhaustive list by any stretch of the imagination, but it does highlight some important things you can check before buying a used car. In the end, if you do your homework beforehand then you'll stand a better chance at saving money and getting a quality vehicle in return.

A full car diagnostics test will include:

-used car inspection service

-inspection for frame/chassis damage

-repair work

-cigarette smoke

-flood damage

-checking engine, AC, brakes and more.

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Final Thoughts

A car's a big purchase and you want to make sure it's going to serve its purpose. At the same time, hiring a mobile mechanic in advance allows you to head off any problems that might be hidden from view. With Car Inspections Mobile Service, you can easily hire a mechanic to come out and thoroughly inspect a car for you within 24 hours. All you have to do is go online, request a quote and we'll be there before you know it.

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