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Let’s get that Volkswagen rolling!

Get your Volkswagen up and running with repair from the pros at VW Engine Repair Mobile Mechanic! We love working on VDubs because these cars are truly some of the funnest to drive. If you keep your eyes open, we can find a few thousand dollars for an otherwise inexpensive vehicle like yours that will last indefinitely (especially since rust isn't much concern in Las Vegas). Some our mobile mechanics grew up doing their own repairs right here; but now have developed skills necessary make sure you end up having many more years outlasting both old parts & routine maintenance--without breaking any bank or risking damage beyond what's easily replaced by this company alone)!


No matter what level of auto repair you need, we will have your back. Whether it's a quick fix or if things are more complicated than they seem - our team has got the skills necessary for every situation! At All Points Volkswagen, we want to make it as easy for you get your car fixed. We will ask a few questions and go over some of the history of yours so that our mechanics can help predict what could be wrong with it in order find ways fix or replace parts more efficiently than before!

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I took my car into get fixed after I a accident they fixed my car up and made it look new. They do an amazing job. They have hard workers that are to get done as nice as possible. I have recommended this shop to others and they have all fell in love with the work that has been done to their cars.

  • Jennifer Rodriguez

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You'll never regret taking advantage when dealing with an auto repair company like ours- come see us at any time if Las Vegas is where you live because no matter which path we take together there's always someone waiting on call just itching once start working their magic once again.

Hey! If you find yourself in Las Vegas and need your Volkswagen back on the road, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll be happy to help diagnose what might be causing any problems so that we can give you an accurate quote for repairs when all said done-you won’t regret using our services at all!.

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