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Car Tune Ups In Vegas

Car Tune-ups are necessary to keep your car running at its peak performance and fuel economy. They can also prevent more costly repairs down the road, so you need them periodically! When a tune up is performed on any type of vehicle there are many things checked (and replaced if needed), after which it's common for mechanics to run through diagnostic tests in order show what adjustments need made restore engine power.

The more you keep up with your tune ups, the less times you'll need to call us for an expensive auto repair. This is because Car engine tuning can be performed at any time and what better way than by getting it done yourself!

Don't let a day go past where our mobile mechanics don’t fix cars- they LOVE fixing them even if their schedule doesn't always allow too much free time on its own accord though I'm sure there are plenty who would say otherwise due out love affair working together as one team doing whatever needs brake repairing or replacing.

The ignition system is a key component in any car engine and can cause more problems than most other parts. Modern cars have had some components replaced with computerized controllers, but not all items make it to be tuned up during your regular maintenance routine for this reason!

Distributor Cap & Rotor (if applicable)

The distributor cap and rotor are important to the operation of your vehicle's engine. The rotating arm on top has metal points that make contact with each spark plug wire, this allows for sparks down these cables which then travel into each cylinder where combustion takes place creating power-producing force under pressure! Over time (and if not taken care) they may wear out due only when there is no contact between them at all; resulting in random firing or none at all--a problem called "detonation".


A car has many filters on an engine and it is their duty to prevent any contaminants from entering into the engine or the actual body of the car through the ventilation system. These filters when blocked can have a direct impact on engine performance.

Air Filters

When you drive around with an inefficient air filter, it will reduce your gas mileage by up to 14%. If the car has a carburetor engine then this number could be as high at 18%! You should change out that dirty old one or buy some new ones before performance starts suffering any more than necessary.

Oil Filter

Oil filters are crucial to your engine's health. They should be changed with every oil change and the filter ensures that any particles in it will flow out through its bottom instead of clogging up all those important parts inside, such as an air intake system for example!

PCV Valve

The PCV valve is a vital component of your engine that prevents air from entering the crankcase. Over time, this can lead to excessive oil usage by the engine and an improper fuel-to-air mixture ratio as well!


Engine belts need to be changed regularly or they can become worn, cracked and brittle. In this hot dry climate we make sure you don't have a belt failure on your engine which will cause major problems with cooling system functionality!


When it comes to your car, you want the best for fuel efficiency and performance. If there is anything in particular on which you would like an expert opinion about then just let me know!

Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs: The tiny metal tips on spark plugs are what catalyze the explosion that lights up your engine, but they can wear down from heat and pressure over time. If you see a gap in between where it should be for this cause then more likely than not there will be no more detonation. This would mean misfiring when one cylinder doesn't have enough fuel ignition - something many drivers were probably already aware of by their Check Engine Light coming on!

When installing new spark plug wires or replacing them during an auto service visit at our shop here’s how I recommend doing things so as to avoid any future malfunctions...

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I took my car into get fixed after I a accident they fixed my car up and made it look new. They do an amazing job. They have hard workers that are to get done as nice as possible. I have recommended this shop to others and they have all fell in love with the work that has been done to their cars.

  • Jennifer Rodriguez


For all of you Las Vegas locals, here is an extra battery to think about. Because it's so hot in the valley and most batteries only last two years (the reason for this we'll share a future post), make sure when buying one that has warranty up on 3-5 year old models rather than just 1 or 2 because if anything happens with your device then at least its fixed before any other problems arise!

"I heard about them from a friend who had used their services and been very pleased. They were on time, friendly, professional- the whole nine yards! I'll be using this company again for sure."

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