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Oil Change at Home in Las Vegas, NV

You can avoid the hassle of finding an oil change location and waiting around with your car by getting one done for you. Just visit any auto supply store or gas station that has qualified technicians on staff--they'll know exactly what type of motor oils are best suited to keep it running smoothly!

An oil change is important for your car's engine. The technician will use the recommended type of motor oil and replace it with fresh, while also checking other filters (cabin/air) to make sure they are in good shape before replacing them or disposing off properly when finished. You should always take an hour during these visits so that you can rest assured knowing everything else about this procedure has been taken care of!

Engine oil is a crucial part of the engine's running and if oil isn't changed regularly, you may find yourself with more problems.


Why oil is important?

Oil lubricates the pump and cylinder parts of the engine to protect them from corrosion and so they function properly.

Why oil breaks down?

As the vehicle's engine runs, it heats up. This heat causes the oil to break down and wear out, losing its lubricating properties.

What parts are used in pumping oil around the engine?

Oil Pan  - These are found underneath the engine. It is used to store the oil in the event of a leak, it also keeps any debris from entering into the oil pump.

Oil Pump – This is used to pump oil into the engine during startup, when it heats up this causes the viscosity of the oil to thin.

Oil filter – This filter is used to stop any dirt particles entering into the engine, it is there to prevent damage to moving parts.

How to check your oil yourself?

You can check your oil by looking at the dipstick under the hood of the car. The oil levels should be between an acceptable range to ensure smooth working of your vehicle's engine.

How often you change oil?

It is advisable to get frequent oil changes done even if you are not driving frequently. This helps keep all your catalytic converters and oxygen sensors happy, it also prevents damage due to buildup of harmful substances in the engine which could lead to major problems like radiator issue down the road.

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Why do you need maintenance service plan?

When you are having car issues, or you are stranded on The Strip, the last thing you want to do is wait around a long time for the wrong kind of help. We are proud to be one of the most trusted companies for car repair in the valley.

Vehicles need to be maintained, oil change every 10000 miles is not only good for your car it also adds extra length of time on the life of the engine.

These are just a few of the things you need to know about getting your oil changed, get in touch with us so we can get your car running smoothly!

The last thing you want is to be stranded on The Strip without any help, call or email us if you have any issues or questions.

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